By Katelyn Ohashi

Have you ever been stuck at a fork in the road, where one decision could potentially dictate the rest of your future? You sat there weighing out every possible outcome of each path, until you finally determined the route that would benefit you the most.

Choice is one of our greatest luxuries in life. We can determine our future and define ourselves with the choices we make. However, what we fail to even consider a majority of the time are the choices that we make on a daily basis. These choices have a greater impact than any of the difficult decisions we make because these daily preferences have subconsciously became habits. The way we decide to respond to our disappointments, how we learn from our mistakes, how we choose to spend our free time, all the way to what we decide to eat. We fail to recognize that in the long run these choices can determine, not only our future but our present, just as much as any milestone we encounter.

We choose to complain about the things we have control over and have the opportunity to create different outcomes on. How many of you find yourself making excuses for the way you respond to things, for instance, “I’m this way because my parents raised me like this” or “I’ve always been like this, so I can’t change now”? These may be “valid” reasons or explanations, but in reality they are excuses we choose to accept. They are “outs” restraining us from our greatness. Choices are blessings that run deeper than we tend to acknowledge.

My future is dependent on the decisions I make every day in order to enlighten my life and the world around me. Life is a choice and we have the ability to decide today to choose a better life to live.


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