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By Katelyn

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Do any of you live with regrets? Of course when I look through my life I’ve made some pretty big mistakes and am continuing to make mistakes, with unfortunately no one to blame but myself. I find that I beat myself up over these mistakes, thinking about how easy it would have been to just change one decision in order to make a whole different outcome. I know that everyone makes mistakes but at times I feel alone, like I am the only one constantly apologizing, trying to make up for these mistakes, and constantly trying to convince myself I am not a bad person.

If everyone makes mistakes, why are we so afraid of making our own? I find that consequences tend to be the scariest part of mistakes, dwelling on the worst scenarios until the situation appears worse. We cannot predict the reaction of others, so the only thing to do is confess, and understand we are designed to make mistakes and learn from them. We cannot move forward in life if we cannot forgive ourselves. Of course, we don’t need to crash and burn as hard as I often do, but there are some things easier learned through experience and the deeper regrets of our actions. When I feel alone I remind myself that I have to accept the things I cannot change, deal with the consequences, and eventually everything will blow over. I don’t believe we are defined by our mistakes, but instead by the way we come back from them. I believe in making mistakes, but not the same ones twice. My mistakes do not lead to regrets because if I can take something away from each mistake and learn a valuable lesson, then I cannot be a bad person; I am just human.

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  1. I can completely relate to what you’re saying. I think coming from a background in gymnastics where perfection is the goal (whatever that subjective ideal really is, I don’t know) we were taught to believe that making mistakes was bad. I have come to believe that we, as humans, are perfectly imperfect. We will never be perfect b/c that is not our nature. It doesn’t mean we don’t give our best, but we can’t let the fear of making mistakes stand in the way of truly living. I actually wrote about this on my Facebook page: (the Jan 3rd post) if you’re interested in reading it. I agree with you that mistakes can be our greatest teachers and we don’t have to feel like failures b/c it didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped. It always feels good to know that you’re not the only one who feels a certain way, so thank you for the post and bringing up the deeper issues that bring us together as humans.

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