By Katelyn Ohashi

What would it take for you to jump? To look down and see the ground, 70 feet below, as welcoming. At times, in the dark of the night, the ground does not appear to be that far. Plummeting down, in my last few seconds, what would I think of? Would I think of the little things people decided to fill their time talking about, all the things I wasted time worrying about in the past, the details of people that I chose to discuss?

In reality, some of these things I previously found important would not even be worth a second of my thought. I presume the one thing that would cross my mind is a redo button. A way to start over, brand new; to really evaluate the things and people in my life and see a difference that I can make, starting within myself. Sometimes it is as if we believe we are stuck in a world constantly surrounded by negativity. However, what we fail to recognize is that we, ourselves, may be creating some of that negativity.  Unfortunately, there are cases that we cannot escape from, but something we will always have  control over is what we choose to do about the situation.

We have the power to change the subjects we focus our time on, we have the power to, at any time, hit the reset button and have a fresh start. A new way of viewing things and an invitation to new relationships. Not every solution will be satisfying right away, but if it is truly something that consumes us, do we not think we owe it to ourselves to take the initiative to make a change? Whether it is the way we look at the situation, the way we handle it, or the way we try to solve it.  If there is something we are not satisfied with in our lives, what are we doing to fix it?

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