Soul Friendship



By Maria Caire

Think about your best friends. Who would you do virtually anything for? Who do you know would do anything for you? Who would you want to get stuck in traffic with?

Friendships are incredibly special relationships that requires an immense amount of care. Even more important that just mere friendship is soul friendship. Soul friends are those who will be part of your life indefinitely regardless of where your journey takes you. They are the ones who know your quirks better than you do. They are the ones who are there for you before you even know you need help. They accept all sides of you that exist, and love you unconditionally. They encourage you beyond your perceived limits and catch you when you fall. They motivate you to the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Soul friends are our chosen family. We are in complete control over who we choose to surround ourselves with. It is okay to be a tough critic when it comes to selecting your friends because these people have a lasting impact on your life. Soul friends are those who can feed your well-being.

I look to my mom and her friends as an example of how friends should treat each other. When my mom heard the news of one of her very best friend’s engagement (about 3 years ago), you would have thought that her own daughter was getting married. I did not need to ask whether or not we were going to the wedding because I knew we would be.

Witnessing old friends reunite with warm embracing hugs, kisses, and even squeals of joy showed me what true soul friendship looks like. Their happiness radiated and I became enthusiastic to see people I had never met before.

The most inspiring component of the relationships my mom has with her friends is the fact that none of them even live in the same state. They have maintained long-distance friendships for years and they remain as close as they were when they met as teenagers.

Who will you know for the rest of your life? Who are your golden girls? Who is part of your entourage? Who are your soul friends?

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